Dubai and luxury cars.

Dubai the city of wonders of the emotion, the places from oriental perfumes heart of the UAE and the world famous for its wealth and luxury mansions, long a strange phenomenon occurs Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Bugatti, Range Rover and other prestigious cars abandoned, often with the keys in the ignition, a kind of “insult to misery.”


Supercar abandoned in the parking lots of the city or at the airport, flooded by a layer of dust and forgotten by their owners, if they were objects of little value.


The reason for this phenomenon is due to the fact that in the Arab fines or unpaid debts are punished with imprisonment, so the owners of these supercars fallen into disrepair for debts with banks or checks not covered prefer to leave their vehicles and run away before incurring criminal offenses.

Car-of-luxury-abandoned-in-Dubai-3 That’s one reason another explanation is that in a paradise like Dubai where wealth is overflowing and there is a car culture where the most recent model is considered the most beautiful owners leave their ultra-luxurious car,little used , covered with a thick layer Dust, in the airport parking lots or city streets. Car-of-luxury-abandoned-in-Dubai-1