LaFerrari Open sports Ferrari




At the end as planned by Ferrari, it was made official world premiere at the Paris Auto 2016 the name of the LaFerrari salon in open version, ie without a fixed roof, will be called LaFerrari Open it will be the most exclusive sports car of Maranello . cattura14

  They will be built only 209 copies to 1.860.000 euro price thus going to deny all the rumors and predictions that were made in recent months about the number of cars that Ferrari would have made for this model.cattura16

  As already he knew 200 copies will preserve of collectors who have already advance booked the car, while it is assumed that the other remaining 9 specimens remain in Ferrari and will be used on the occasion of the 70th anniversary celebrations that will accomplish the Maranello in 2017 . cattura17

The rest was already known that the version that is provided with the hard top roof in carbon fiber or soft top with sunroof fabric and that the version of the discovery LaFerrari has the same mechanical and performance characteristics of the supercar fixed roof and to achieve this You have had to perform aerodynamic targeted interventions on the body to have the same coefficient of drag of the coupe.


LaFerrari Open car is riding a hybrid propulsion system called HY-KERS, with a V12 engine with 800 hp coupled to a drive power of 163 hp, with a total power of the hybrid propulsion system equal to   963 hp the same as the LaFerrari Coupe.



With this power, the car is able to reach a maximum speed that exceeds 350 km / h and in less than 3 seconds reaches the speed of 100 Km / h, in less than 7 seconds that of 200 km / h, while in only 15 second touches 300 km / h from a standing start similar services of LaFerrari Coupe. cattura1


The two Supercar Ferrari are identical, the only difference is the door opening upwards, also homeless, than LaFerrari and the possibility to travel in the summer having only the sky as a roof. 577bc91c29b1b-e1467731170553