La Piazzetta
The Piazzetta, aka Piazza Umberto I, is the venue more mundane blue island. It is also the site of morning coffee and waiting for dinner aperitif.


Marina Grande
If still you have not been on the island blue, you should know that the town of Capri is in a higher position than the sea. The most convenient way to get downtown is the funicular from Marina Grande. Marina Grande is the port of the island, point of arrival and departure for all the hydrofoils and ferries from Naples and other towns of the Campania coast. In Marina Grande has the largest beach of the island, a handful of beach resorts and the marina with moorings for private boats.


Marina Piccola Marina Piccola
On the south side of the island, on the opposite side from Marina Grande, we find Marina Piccola, one of the most charming places of Capri. If you want a beach with a view of the Faraglioni, you found it. The center of Capri just a few minutes walk to reach: just follow the panoramic Via Krupp from the Gardens of Augustus. Go down the stairs to get to the sea. During the descent will see the Scoglio delle Sirene, a group of rocks that divide the Bay of Marina Piccola in two beaches, Marina and Marina di Mulo Pennauro: according to some historians, on these rocks sirens bewitchUlysses.
P1110770_e2x1_0_174_1400_20150603194155 Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp
Next to the promenade of Via Krupp, a few minutes from the Piazzetta, the Gardens of Augustus propose a series of blooming balconies overlooking Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni. It is the classic place to take a panoramic photo. Via Krupp, which falls sinuous drawing a sequence of switchbacks cut into the bare rock, it is considered by many one of the most spectacular pedestrian streets in the world.
Via Krupp The stacks
They are the symbol of the blue island. The stacks are three rock formations shaped peak about one hundred meters high and sprayed by the blue sea. Stack is the Earth (or Lightning), the only one still connected to the mainland as well as the highest of the three (109 meters); the Middle Faraglione (or star), laundry in the center of a cavity; Outside of the Stack (or Scopolo), habitat of Podarcis sicula coerulea, also known as “blue lizard”. The rocky outcrop is part a fourth stack, the rock of Monacone, until the last century frequented by monk seals.
the stacks ok The Blue Grotto
You can not say to have visited the island without being entered in the den more magical Capri. The Blue Grotto is famous throughout the world for the incredible play of light of its waters. You can find it on the north-west of the island, just below the Villa Damecuta Anacapri, near the lido Gradola. To visit it you have to climb one of the many rowing boats (no swimming). Grotta_Azzurra% 20Capri
The island tour by boat
To explore every remote corner of Capri you boarding in Marina Grande and enjoy one of the many organized tours. Alternatively, you can charter a yacht just for you, with or without a guide. Only then can you discover coves hidden in the eyes of most, small coves, pebbled beaches and crystal clear waters so as irresistible: a break and a dip are a must around island
A series of small squares and narrow streets draw the arabesque of the historic center of Anacapri, the second town of the island after Capri. So much worldly and teeming with tourists Capri, as it is quiet and relaxing Anacapri. Walking towards Piazza Boffe, one of the oldest districts of Anacapri, get lost among the workshops of master craftsmen, souvenir shops and restaurants with the specialties of the island. Or, you reach Piazza Vittoria to get on the chair lift up to the top of Mount Solaro. Needless to say, the view from up there is breathtaking. Anacapri Villa San Michele
The island of Capri was the retreat for several Roman emperors. Villas of the blue island was rich. A site on one of these, in the territory of Anacapri, the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe built his private residence. Munthe was a fan of archeology: during his travels around the world picked up a series of finds of Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian, all on display in his home caprese. Villa San Michele thus became a public museum, a magical place, full of charm – its garden and the belvedere overlooking the Gulf of Naples alone are worth the price of admission. From the center of Anacapri to reach Villa San Michele you have to take Via Capodimonte. michele
Punta Carena
You can find it on the last western tip of the island. Punta Carena stands one of the oldest lighthouses in Italy. The place is frequented by lovers of swimming in the sea and tans. The sun illuminates it from dawn to dusk and when the star turns pink the sea horizon, begins the show of the lighthouse in operation. The walk to the lighthouse at Punta Carena is one of the most romantic of the Blue Island.
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