The relaxing sensual massage

Massage is one of the oldest techniques to help the health and beauty of the body, and it is still very effective.

Today it is no wonder if someone leaves for Japan, not so much to learn about the customs and traditions of that country, but to appreciate the famous ability of the Japanese to practice massage. Certainly this decision seems exaggerated, but it is certain that in that country the massage is performed with the perfection of a ritual. Massages can be relaxing, slimming, therapeutic, aesthetic, etc. for each particular need to be chosen the appropriate method. We see the different techniques used in the manual massage.

Touch – And ‘the most simple massage can be performed with the palm of the hand or with the tip of his fingers. It ‘s like a caress and generally precedes and concludes all the other massage techniques.

Impostamento – Is instead of a technique in which the movements have to lift the muscular masses and imparting both a compression that a twist. E ‘practiced with the whole palm of your hand or semi-closed fist and, if executed with circular movements, acts on the venous and lymphatic circulation, eliminating the state of fatigue of the muscles, thus facilitating their invigorates them the sviluppo.Se the impostamento is performed on the surface ‘skin instead of the muscle, removes fat deposits and acts as a slimming and anti-cellulite. E’quindi indicated for the double chin, by the hips and thighs.

Percussion – The massage is performed by a small raps and rhythmic and can run with the ball of his index and middle finger of both hands, and is the lightest percussion massage, also called (picchiattamento), indicated for the facial contours and the outer corners of the eyes. It can also be made with all the fingers, with all your hand, cubital edge of the hand, with semi-closed fist to three quarters. It aims to energize muscle contraction: in fact consecutive shots intermittent increase contratibilità and muscle tone; activating the lymphatic and venous circulation, enhances cell turnover, and is therefore suitable for hips, legs, arms relaxed tissues.


Vibration – The massage vibrated, instead, it consists in reading intermittent shock, which cause an organic vibratory movement, similar to that which is felt in the train. The movement, performed by the massage therapist, must come from the shoulder to contraction of the muscles of the arm, not the hand; It must be executed with the palm of the hand and with the fingertip of one or more fingers. So it exercises in the area to be massaged a vertical pressure of very short duration, intermittent and subsequent. The results are different depending on the intensity and pressure. If deep, short, quick has a stimulating and tonic effects are normally of the muscles; if slight, slow and prolonged, it aggisce on the venous and lymphatic circulation and promotes relaxation of nerves and muscles.

Clutch – While in massage touched, the hand or fingertips glide over the skin surface and the skin remains motionless, in massage friction, the hand and the fingertips of you say you join intimately to the skin, applying pressure and moving it in a circular motion. The massage rubbed aggisce deeply on the venous and lymphatic circulation and elasticity of the muscles; with lighter pressure is indicated for the scalp, while with heavier pressure is practiced successfully for cellulite nodules. Both the friction massage to that pressure, always follow sfioranti movements, to calm the treated area.

Pinching  – grasping with fingertips  consists of two or three fingers and letting subsequently the epithelial tissue, that conettivo and partly muscular. A derivation is the pinching twisted or pètrissge << >>. Acts effectively on the venous and lymphatic circulation in purifying sense and is very suitable, if run dry sensa that the use of creams, in the case of oily skin, acne and problem skin also by the presence of comedones. And ‘the most functional massage to eliminate fibrous skin, striae and tissue-typing, because it allows scoglimento of cicatrizali adhesions and a significant improvement in cellular nutrition. Performs well as an excellent tonic effect of muscles and ligaments, almost like massage percussion. And ‘advisable, with the massage lightly touched and percussion, in breast relaxation treatments.

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