The secrets of a perfect erotic massage

In an erotic massage does not worry about not being good at massaging because the technique is not crucial, very important it is the intention to pass through the touch of hands throughout the erotic charge that at that moment is within you to your partner.


Just the fact of wanting to cuddle, caress the body of your partner and try being and joy in doing so is crucial and may inspire you to transform a simple massage in an overwhelming and unforgettable passionate experience.

First you have to create the right atmosphere calm and relaxing in a comfortable and relaxing place properly warmed with soft lighting not excluding the use of scented candles and incense. A bit ‘of low-volume background is rhythmic music the sounds of nature may be fine, of course, with telephone and TV off.

If you have a massage table, then you can use the floor with a blanket or a mat, or the sofa or even simply the bed although it would be good to do it on a surface not so soft. Warm up your hands with specific oil such as almond but wanting it is not necessary a good erotic massage is also done with bare hands, not too hot but mostly not too cold.

During the massage, we must remain focused only on the pleasure that we want to give to your partner. Just ask to lie down on his stomach naked. Cover his body with a sheet and only discover the part to be massaged from time to time.

Remember that a partner massage does not necessarily lead to sexual intercourse, even if you can trigger the series of sensations alone can lead to orgasm, without the need for actual intercourse itself. But what we can say for sure that massage is able to turn on the desire and stimulate passion. Also it allows you to learn more about the erogenous zones of your partner’s body.

The secret to making a perfect erotic massage and proceed gradually, without too rough flicks or jumps from one part to another body. It typically starts at the foot and go up to the calf to the thigh through stroking, kneading and friction, if you have the right training to do these techniques to limit yourself to a light massage and gentle pressure alternating circular and linear movements ensuring a certain continuity, Try to remove your hands from the body less possible to give it a more enveloping sensation.

Then proceed on the other leg going up to the buttocks. He then moves on to the arms and hands to end with his back. The massage can start by turning the person is lying down. The head and the temples are the last part of which deal with delicate circular movements, from the inside with steps between stroking the hair from the nape to the front and back and then continuing from her face up to his ears and chin neck, cradling him in your arms will activate the inevitable shudder of pleasure.

By doing so you have the ability to ascertain which are the most sensitive erogenous zones. Of course the genitals are undoubtedly the most sensitive and pleasurable part, but we must not get right in that area must first explore the other parts of the body that can create huge pleasures such as the neck, head, ears, breasts for her and for him the chest, buttocks and abdomen, inner thighs, and of course at the end of the genitals.

About massage should never go nude but getting there slowly. Indeed advice and leave very sfilandovi clothes one piece at a time, during the massage, where you can also stop for a few minutes to devote to the partner and offer him the image of yourself palpandovi and ensuring that the partner you look carefully you waiting you come back to massage.

At the end of the massage you have to close all through the lips of kisses transmitting all the heat and passion of which you are capable.

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