Wally 110 Barong D “wallista” passion

Sailing enthusiasts on the boats of the Wally brand are divided on the external aesthetics of the boats. In fact, many still prefer the exterior where the various areas are markedly divided with lots of deckhouse and with a single cockpit.

While in the Wally boats the classic cockpit has been replaced by more areas that are cleverly disengaged, usually all on the same level with slender, thin and not very intrusive yards.

Therefore the Wally boat deck is free and elegantly flat with all the hidden management organs. This extreme cleaning of the deck for many is the real news that has revolutionized the way of sailing.

However, there are still many enthusiasts who are not persuaded by the idea that a deck of a boat can be so smooth and compact, much like a dance hall track.

Fortunately, there are manufacturers in the sector that can satisfy the tastes of each owner. While those who love the style of boats Wally hardly then choose to build boats with different characteristics.

This is the case of Wally 110 Barong D, where a loving “wallysta” owner, has built this boat 110 feet long equal to about 33.50 meters after having already owned a Barong C and Barong B, respectively of 94 and 80 feet.

With this model Wally managed to transfer all the technical skills accumulated over the years and at the same time satisfy all the requests expressed by the experienced sailor owner.

The end result was the construction of a beautiful and performing luxury sailboat.

The exterior lines have been designed by Frers Naval Architecture while the interiors have been taken care of by Wally Yachts, always thinking about the performances not excluding elegance and comfort for cruises.

For the construction of the hull advanced composite materials in prepreg carbon fiber have been used to create a super-yacht cruiser fully equipped with just 65 tons about 35% less than a yacht of the same category: “two tons lighter than the expected “, explained the president and CEO of Wally, Luca Bassani also adds:

“We were able to offer a cruiser with exceptional performance that welcomes owners who spend several months of the year on board”.

Wally 110 Barong D totally incorporates all the features of the Wally brand. A fast, simple, elegant and technologically advanced boat was built.

The hull is blue with wide stern, two rudders, T-shaped bulb. The deck including the bow is very clean, and is completely covered with blond teak with a very slim deckhouse and large sunbathing areas. The mast is made of carbon together with the sailing rig with many titanium accessories. The Wally’s sail management system features a self-tacking jib and a regulation system using hydraulic jacks.

The habitability of the interiors  designed by Wally were built piece by piece taking care of every detail minutely to get maximum comfort reducing weight.

Going towards the bow we find a living area and two guest cabins on both sides of the boat with private bathroom and a suite for the owner with two separate beds.

While at the stern was the crew and service area consisting of two double cabins, a kitchen and a machine room. The propulsion of the boat is also guaranteed by the presence of a single Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine, which gives Barong D a top speed of 13 knots and a cruising speed of 10 knots.

In short, once again a Wally sailboat has been created to be desired.

Main technical features of Wally sources

Year 2016
Total length 33.51 m
Draft 4.80 m
Displacement 67 t
Sailing surface 538 m 2

Accommodation 6 guests + 4 crew members
Naval Architecture Frers Naval Architecture
External design Frers / Wally / Luca Bassani
Interior design Wally / Luca Bassani
RINA Malta Cross certification
Mast and boom Southern Spars, furling boom
Rigging EC6
Cummins QSB engine 6.7 335 hp
Onan generator 28 kW

Wally 110 Barong D passione “wallista”

Gli appassionati di vela sulle barche del marchio Wally si divide sull’estetica esterna delle imbarcazioni. Infatti, tanti prediligono ancora gli esterni dove le varie zone sono marcatamente suddivise con tanto di tuga e con un unico pozzetto. Continua a leggere “Wally 110 Barong D passione “wallista””

Wally 145 the unlimited sailing boat

The success of the Wally branded sailboats is in the ideas of its founder Luca Bassani, to create simple and fast comfortable boats for both cruise and racing, and to make them read more using advanced materials and the most advanced technologies possible.

That is why when the company rescues a new boat of a certain category, it is surely one of the most advanced of the time when all the previous ones of the same type, even of Wally itself, are technologically less advanced.

This is through a development and research program with continuous testing on the various parts of the boat, extinguishing the collaboration of specialists also for each item.

All this is happening with Wally 145 a new boat now under construction in the world-class shipyard for advanced technologies applied to the Persico Marine boats at Massa Carrara, thanks to the recent strategic collaboration agreed with Wally.

We are talking about a 145 foot long boat about 44 meters studied by Luca Bassani and designed by the famous Argentinean architect and sailor German Frers.

What will be the characteristics of this new boat, the two protagonists who are making it, have issued the following statement: “The new Wally 145 is the perfect boat to sail around the world,” said Bassani, “compiling our performance credo without compromise combined with a timeless appeal. “ Without ever having the pleasure of sailing, “in any condition of wind, in total comfort”. VPP (VPP, or Velocity Prediction Program, is a complex computer program that can estimate the performance of a sailing yacht, note some features of the boat and environmental conditions) speak of a fast boat with six air nodes. “But stable and powerful even in strong wind conditions”, “thanks to the shape of the hull and the lifting keel that can bring the bulb up to 7 meters” Bassani ends.

German Frers, on the other hand, states that “the boat should be even longer, but contrary to what is usually the case, the size has diminished during the design phase, to the advantage of performance and marinity. Extensive research has been carried out to hold the weights and at the same time offer a pleasant and wide environment, three different covered areas and a very sophisticated system for handling sails. The sail  displacement ratio is higher than that of maxi-yachts of the same category. “

In summary, as described by the main interpreters, it should be a very innovative boat, where a certain speed is guaranteed even with weak winds and absolute stability with the strong ones. With much less displacement than similar boats that now float the sea due to the use of the most advanced carbon fiber composite materials.

As for the boat’s construction, from the first information and illustration provided, there are two wells dedicated to social activities on the same floor, a sheltered deck deck and a totally outdoors. In addition, there is a third lower cockpit at the stern of the master suite where shipowners can move at some time of the day to give themselves some privacy in a space more in touch with the sea.

The interiors were developed by Wally along with Droulers Architects and Studio Mario Sculli and besides the master suite there are three more cabins for six guests. In addition there is space for four double cabins for the crew.


The propulsion is also secured without a sail with a cruising speed of 15 knots through a hybrid system consisting of two 650-liter Man combustion engines and two 60 kW electric motors and two 10 kw lithium battery banks could fuel the entire boat for a full night all the facilities including air conditioners.

The boat is supposed to be launched in 2019, and by indiscretion it would have been sold to a renowned Italian entrepreneur who has always been a fan of sailboats Wally, in fact, this would replace another of the same brand.

Wally 145 la barca a vela senza limiti

Il successo delle barche a vela  del marchio Wally è nelle idee del suo fondatore Luca Bassani ossia di realizzare barche comode semplici e veloci da utilizzare sia in crociera sia in regate, e di farle sempre più leggere utilizzando materiali  avanzati e tecnologie le più evolute possibili.

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Luxury yacht Why 58 × 38 the island traveling


Why 58 × 38 meters is a yacht being very innovative creation which is a collaboration between the two companies and Wally Hermès Yachts Yachts with the opportunity they have created a joint venture called WHY (Wally Yachts Hermes) which is also the name of the yacht. wally-hermes-yacht-why-800x540

Wally is a world leader in the yachting and, while Hermes is a brand of French luxury.

In June 2008, Hermès and Wally have signed an agreement to develop this new type of motor yacht that Redefine the art of living on the sea. Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès said: “When we met, the fall of 2007, Luca Bassani Antivari, President of Wally had thought about asking Hermes to accessorise the interior of one of his boats. I was impressed by the courage of his projects. My instinct was to get on board with him and explore new territories in yacht design, but I had no interest for speed. “ download

Luca Bassani Antivari, states: “What I always liked about Hermès, regardless of the intrinsic quality, is its audacity and radicalism, the desire to go beyond trends, make no compromise to maintain the authenticity of the House. Wally shares the same values, ‘Hermès-on-Land’, ‘Wally-on-Sea’: inevitably our paths had crossed. wally_1-800x540

“We are very interested in creating a yacht that will have a low environmental impact,” says Pierre-Alexis Dumas. “His relationship with the sea must be respectful and easy. Why it intends to offer a new way of moving on the water, creating innovative system management, recycling ristudiando sources and the use of energy “.
“If you want to sail in a totally environmentally friendly way, the only solution is sailing. The reality is that today, 90% of the market consists of motor boats. – Echoes Luca Bassani Antivari – Our goal is to reduce the consumption of diesel per year and 20- 30% of the yachts for the propulsion and the 40- 50% for generators. wally-800x540

However Why 58 × 38 is a very ambitious project for the goals it wants to achieve in terms of comfort, privacy, stability, space, independence and sustainability a yacht that not only expresses elegance and refinement unique, but which meets the customer’s needs in the maximum respect for the environment.

This are the objectives to be realized at least according to the model and boat designs and how exposed the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show 2010 by the two companies. images-5

The yacht has several features besides the incredible size of 58 meters long by 38 meters wide, it will be built in the shipyard of Ancona, with an innovative form, which we are not used to seeing, and as only the Wally could make a ‘ floating island in a horseshoe shape with a roof opening to the Venetian so all immersed in a sea of light with stunning interior extra luxuries placed on a hull that thanks to its special hull whose choice fell on the tried and tested Norwegian Ramform offers the exceptional stability such that at low cruising speed, in effect, gives the impression of being on the ground and in our case on a floating island. wally-hermes-yachts-why-58x38-project-31-800x540

Three bridges will be provided in addition connected by a lift by a spiral staircase from the living room and reaches the upper outer roof, which is expected within the structure a 25-meter pool with salt water surrounded by a 36 m beach bridge .

Also do not miss the comforts turkish bath, sauna, gym and massage room, a walk of 130 meters, a music room, a dining room, a movie theater, solarium, terraces, a lounge, equipped area for the landing and takeoff of a helicopter.


An area of 200 square meters covers the third deck, while on the lower deck are the common premises, such as lounge, piano bar and dining room and a reading room and more. Altogether there are 3,400 square meters of living space on the three decks of the boat will find accommodation 12 guests in 5 suites with sea views and 20 crew members. The cruising speed is 12 knots provided with a top speed of 14 knots, low in order to live life outdoors on the boat closer contact with nature and the wonders of the sea. images-11

Propulsion is via a diesel-electric hybrid system which is still the most efficient engine. However, the boat’s strong points are its eco-friendly features which include the use of different energy sources managed by a central computer. They are installed on 900 square meters of solar panels, producing a daily output of 500 kW with a saving of 40-50% on electricity consumption on board. Furthermore, the research and development plan provides for the optimization of energy consumption by improving the insulation of the boat, and the recovery of the heat of its engines, and are also examining the most recent technologies of wind energy and wind propulsion with another 30% saving on energy. images-13

In other words, compared to a boat of the same size in length in width because it does not exist Why 58 × 38 would achieve a power consumption saving up to 200 tonnes of oil a year. A boat of this type in the ports occupies the space of 7-8 berths.


Unfortunately it is still not clear exactly when the yacht will be completed and ready to be sold and at what price. Initially it was estimated that for the technologies to be used and the complexity of the boat price was wandering around 180 million dollars.


Following these prices have been reduced, now ranging between 50 and 100 million dollars because a true estimate was not yet complete because at the moment there is no news about any request received for this yacht, although still developing together the boat scorer phase as the Wally style as happened to other boats in the past, continues.


I mention only because Wally Hermes after participating in all phases of construction and the design and the final finishing of the interior, all signed by Hermès which certainly represent a business visit and limpid light of the French fashion house, later to the technical complexity of implementation phases of the futuristic project, the French luxury group had decided to give up the leadership of the work to the Italian-Monegasque the Wally shipyard.


We are now in the implementation phase, which is technically complex and requires making decisions at every moment. It seemed wise there was more a unique figure to decide, so naturally we thought of leaving the reins to Wally, “he added Patrick Thomas sole director of French luxury companies. Hermes group has, in fact, sold his share of the joint venture to Wally and, under the new agreements, it will be paid for its contribution to the development of perceiving the project up to 2020 on a percentage of sales Why yachts.


Luca Bassani Antivari, said in an American magazine who writes on luxury goods to 58 × 38 Why is not a yacht, “It’s a floating island.” Who wants to develop a new way of life at sea: a large boat, very slow and very stable. The triangular keel in effect gives the impression of being on the ground, while solar panels and advanced technologies will be instrumental in saving energy. Wally Yachts where Luca Bassanini is the founder will also meet this challenge it would discover only by living


Technical features

Shipyard: Wally Hermès Yachts
Design: Pierre-Alexis Dumas – artistic director of Hermès,
Luca Bassani Antivari – President and CEO Wally,
Gabriele Pezzini – Hermès Design Director,
Mauro Sculli – naval architect,
Naval Engineering Roar Ramde, Ramform,
Denis Montel, RDAI – interior architecture
Ft Length: 58 meters
Beam: 38 meters
Displacement: 2,400 t
Living area: 3,400 sq m
Walk over the bridge: 130 m long x 3 m wide
Swimming pool with thermo-regulated water: 25 m in length
Photovoltaic panels: 900 sq.m.
Stored energy: 2.000 kWh
The latest battery: LiFePO