The sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 of Bénéteau changes route.

 With the sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 the French shipyard of Bénéteau changes route proposing a large sailboat of 62 feet approximately 19 meters with the same comfort both on the interior and the deck offered only by the current luxury motor yachts. To do this, he asked for the collaboration of a well-known Italian motorboat designer to redesign comfort elements that were used only on motorboats until recently.

The approach used is the industrial one, to contain expenses and to offer a standard luxury boat accessible to an ever-larger market. The first effort that the company had to face was the choice of materials that allow superior finishes and exclusive fittings with a sober and elegant style but always looking for maximum comfort.

 Precisely this boat comes from the collaboration between Racoupeau Yacht Design who designed the hull while the Italian architect Pierangelo Andreani designed the deck and the interior. Pierangelo Andreani from Pininfarina is known for having always developed and designed with excellent results, including in other sectors including cars and motorcycles. It is certainly a boat where the cruise aspect prevails over the competitive one of the regattas, even if the navigation characteristics are of the highest level.

New features have been introduced to make the boat more livable globally, not only for navigation but also to stay still. Great attention has been placed on the liveability of the external spaces which is unusual for a sailboat, where the greatest commitment is always to have a very clean deck. The purely sailing aspect tends to lose its main value, even if it remains a very important element in the purchase of this boat.

We are trying to involve passionate owners also of motor boats that find the use of sailing useful and ecologically important. The transfer of motor boat enthusiasts to sailboats is a very important topic for shipyards for the acquisition of new customers.

Oceanis Yacht 62 represents for Bénéteau a new way of living life on a sailboat so it does not resemble anyone, it is the first model of a series that the company intends to achieve. The elements introduced typical of a motor yacht are evident in the hull starting from the square stern designed to make room for a three meter tender garage.

A platform, which is activated by a remote control or directly at the helm, is lowered to dive into the water, discovering two side ladders that come directly from the cockpit to this “beach” that facilitates entry and return from the water both the guests and the tender possibly used to visit places inaccessible for large ships or for beach where it is not possible to moor.

On this system used Gianguido Girotti, product manager for the sail of Bénéteau declares:

 “The 62 solves the access to the sea better than other boats thanks to the double staircase on the transom. Not only that, with a slope inclined 45 °, the transition is easy and safe. In the garage we can stow the tender and with the folding platform that inclines in the water over the horizontal plane, wing and launch the tender will be a breeze “.

At the stern a large bench serves to rest the helmsman and to cover an outdoor kitchen with a grill and sink a consolidated trend in motor yachts. The Oceanis Yacht 62 is a fairly agile and easily manoeuvrable boat, despite its size and weight, even by one person. The four winches (winches) are located right next to the double helm station.

 Between the two control stations at the top of the cockpit there is an easily opening hatch that leads directly into the garage. If the tender arrives with some freshly caught fish or only the supermarket shopping, or something else, you are essentially in the boat.

 The large cockpit has been divided so that the maneuvering area is distinct from that of the guests.

The peculiarity is the presence of two separate extendable and collapsible tables placed one in front of the other in the two sides of the large cockpit both served by two large side horseshoe sofas with a central passage always free to greatly facilitate the movements from bow to stern the disappearance of the tables creates two large sunbathing areas in addition to that already present on the deckhouse and on the bow.

 Another element taken from motor boats is the possibility of installing awnings. With all the awnings mounted, the large cockpit, and the many spaces dedicated to relaxation are covered, there is the possibility of not installing them all so that a part of the cockpit remains sunny.

Another feature is the wide use of natural light to illuminate the interior through the side windows all around the hull partly disguised by a black stripe. Even the deckhouse, is completely surrounded by portholes with a black stripe that makes the eye slimmer. The high-performance hull designed by Racoupeau completes the external characteristics of the hull.

The basic sail plan has a total area of 182 square meters is essential and technologically advanced perfectly centered consisting of a mainsail and genoa, respectively main sail and the bow. All The sail system can easily with a weak wind condition make the boat reach almost the same speed of the wind. While with a strong wind, the helm guide remains soft and precise, making the Oceanis Yacht 62 a safe and balanced boat.

 Navigation without sailing is assured with the presence of a single Yanmar 160 hp diesel engine with controls on the double stations so that the helmsman can move to the most convenient part for maneuvering and steering the boat.

 With a speed set at 8.5 knots, it consumes about 3 gallons per hour at 2,000 rpm, while if the lower cruising speed is set at 6 knots at 1,400 rpm, consumption is reduced to just over a gallon. at now. Considering that the tank includes 264 gallons of fuel in three different tanks this boat even without sail can get far.

  The decidedly urban interiors can have two configurations. The first includes 4 cabins and two bathrooms with three double beds in the bow and one aft with castle beds. The second, which is also the most sought after, has three double cabins and three bathrooms with separate showers. Both configurations provide a sailor cabin with separate bathroom at the bow.

Access to the undercover cabins is via a slightly inclined staircase with wide steps and with two handy and safe railings especially when the boat suffers from inevitable heels.

The peculiarity is that the internal area is set around a spacious square well illuminated by skylight and side windows where there is a living area with sofas and central table for ten people with a linear kitchen complete to starboard along the entire length of the wall of the square.

 The kitchen includes a cell reserved for wines with temperatures a very comfortable fridge with opening in the cockpit and front, a sink, a plate, stove other spaces, food galley and more.

 Inside this square there is also space for a desk that can be used as desired for the correspondence or you can reinstall all control and navigation control systems so you can manage the boat under deck or simply use it for plan the cruise or as a computer support with the hope of not using it for work.

The owner’s cabin is accessed through a side door so as to preserve a great intimacy designed in such a way that, even if the door remains open, the guests present in the square can not peek inside the cabin. The cabin has a great height and is complete with all furniture with cabinets of various sizes with bookcase sofa and more with huge spaces and views of the sea to look like a luxury room with a panoramic five-star hotel. In fact, on the double bed you climb from the side as at home or in a particular hotel room unusual for a sailboat and through the side windows lying on the bed you can see the sea while fresh air comes from the two opening portholes of the ceiling. On the left side of the cabin there is a bathroom equipped with a washing machine and a separate shower.

 In front of the owner’s cabin, the guest cabin was identical to that of the owner with a single difference that access to the bathroom is shared by two doors, one of which is directly in the central or square hall previously described. Precisely it is immediately to the left of the staircase going down that connects the square to the cockpit on deck.

While further towards the stern there is the second cabin of the smaller guests, but which is still habitable with a double bed illuminated by natural light through three present and fresh portholes for an additional opening existing at the top behind the bed towards the stern. Also this cabin has a separate shower room.

Behind the ladder that is easily lifted is the engine room and another room, where there is a generator of 11.5 kW.

At the end of the works for the construction of this boat the designers have released the following declarations:

Olivier Racoupeau

“The challenge was to get a high average speed for a guaranteed stability reserve in average times, I designed the Oceanis Yacht 62 thinking about performance, safety and impeccable maneuverability: maximum floatation length, perfectly adapted sail area, center of gravity as low as possible and all the maneuvers from the cockpit. After I thought of all that our experience of super-yacht could bring to this first Bénéteau yacht: get ready to leave the universe of the traditional sailboat to enter dimension of the pure art of living “.

Pierangelo Andreani

“A strong personality and a beautiful soul, I followed the idea of ​​a horizontal line that drew everything else in. I admit that Bénéteau’s project was complex … Very ambitious! To gather the attributes of a one-off on a series yacht Combine style, elegance and the art of living with total ease of navigation on a performing hull. The emotion contained in the first sketches remains intact. This first yacht will open, I’m sure, a new chapter in your life of owner. “.

The base price of Oceanis Yacht 62 ‘is about 650,000 euros excluding taxes then varies depending on the options requested. Price for which the owners will have, in addition to the boat, a series of services that the French shipyard makes available to guide in the choice and to allow you to customize in all your boat that they intend to buy, with access to the shipyard where they can talk directly with builders and also do sea trials.

In short, a flagship of exceptional luxury at a low price to use for holidays with friends or with the whole family for a day or a month there is no difference.

Main features

 Length f.t. m 19.07; Hull length 18.12 m; Width m 5.33

Draft m 2.30 / 2.90; Displacement 24.170 kg

Water 1060 lt; Fuel 1,000 lt

Surface area 182 square meters; 198 sqm performance sailing surface

Engine cv 160



When you decide to spend a day at sea with a boat out what you ask and to live his days outdoors. The Wallypower47 boat is 14,70 meters long which are perfectly integrated design and technology, spaciousness and performance all with maximum comfort.

The Wallypower47 is designed to reach tourist destinations rapidly and safely with maximum handling enjoying browsing with maximum comfort on their outdoor spaces. wallypower_47_2

A boat feature is the presence of a fully equipped sunbathing area that develops aft with a hydraulic ladder, ensuring easy ascent after bathing.

In addition you can dine outdoors through a shady side table is located in part in front of the sunbathing area with covered seats of soft and durable fabric, with kitchen and easily workable stowage. images-8

A boat at the forward command area that has excellent visibility in protected and ventilated spaces with a pair of seats, ergonometric carbon fiber.

Propulsion is by two diesel twins like Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines of 435 HP can guarantee a top speed of 38 knots with navigational stability and easy handling thanks to the hull form with straight forward. thumb_wallypower_47_47wp_center_06_pop_2

The Wallypower47 interiors are elegantly refined and comfortable, and develop toward boat’s bow, with a large master cabin with double bed and on the starboard side there is a bathroom and another single cabin closely connected with the control room of the helmsman . 

The hull is protected by a built-in bumper for maximum protection when maneuvering along the quays and hidden mooring cleats in the bow anchor system.3002020_0_20100927085352_4_0

The Wallypower47 still is at the top of the vessel in the categories below 20 meters.

images-5 Specifications (Wally source)
Overall length: 14,70 m
LWL: 11.90 m
Width: 4.50 m; Draft: 1,25 m
Displacement (full load): 11,840 kg
Fuel tank: 1.800 l
Fresh water capacity: 240 l


Yachts WallyPower80 the sea arrow


WallyPower 80 is a 23,95 meters long yacht built with advanced technology with a unique design and striking able to reach high cruising speed. checkmate

Designed for those with little time available, where the greatest luxury and have time to enjoy the sea. WallyPower-75-checkmate2-1

This project encompasses all the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years by Wally in the construction and optimization of the outdoor spaces of a boat that uses an innovative hull that is stable even at high speeds, it is the same type installed on the tried and tested hull yachts Wally Power 118 . wallypower_75_22

As Wally end result with WallyPower 80 it achieved a fast and comfortable, stable and safe yacht with all conditions of the sea. wallypower_75_20

However, the main feature is the speed with the boat’s ability to reach tourist destinations around the world even on short cruises and in the meantime enjoy all the benefits of a comfortable ride to live outdoors in full harmony with the sea. wallypower_75_23

On the bridge of WallyPower80 we find the cab and on the pad for sunbathing, a lounge area that also extends into the inside of the second Wally style inside-off and finally we have the living room under the superstructure and the aft cockpit. wallypower_75_25a

The yacht can accommodate six people and two crew members in four cabins. The propulsion system consists of two MAN diesel engines generate 3.600 hp and guide MJP water jets, to provide a maximum speed of 45 knots. wallypower_75_25

TECHNICAL DATA (Wally source)

Overall length 23,95 m; maximum beam 6,55 m; Draught (light ship) 1,35 m wallypower_75_27

Displacement (light ship) 48,5 t; Fuel tanks 4.800 L; Fresh Water Tanks 1.100 L

Engines 2 x Man V12 1.800 + MJP 450 DD; Maximum speed (light ship) 45 kn; range 330 nm @ 35 kN

Generator Kohler 50 Hz 28 KW; Accommodation 6 people + 2 crew

Wally naval architecture; Styling Wally / Luca Bassani; Interior design Wally / Luca Bassani

Kind of advanced composite construction; CE certification category B;


Yachts WallyPower80 the sea arrow



The Savannah yacht was built by the Dutch shipyard Feadship in Aalsmeer, while the project is a collaboration between De Voogt Naval Architects and CG Design. feadship_savannah

Completed in 2015, currently it represents one of the most exclusive yachts that ply the sea for performance and elegance. catturaacquario

The main feature of this yacht is that through the power of a single clean diesel engine that uses an eco-friendly mix, the ultimate fuel that allows you to save money and pollute less, you can generate both the required electrical energy that the propulsive thrust for the boat at low pollution and with a total saving of 30% fuel. engine

All this is done without neglecting the fact the performance yachts sailing with a cruising speed of 14 knots and a top speed of 17 knots. A truly innovative system that combines in a single diesel engine, three generators, batteries, and an advanced propulsion system of Azimuth propellers. cattura9

Savannah has a total length of 83,5metri and maximum width of 12,5 meters. The gross tonnage of 2.250 tons, while the draft is 3,95 meters. The material of the hull is made of steel, while the superstructure is made of aluminum. cattura12

Savannah can accommodate 12 guests in 6 bedrooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP cabin and four double cabins and can accommodate up to 24 crew members. The interiors are elegant and comfortable with dark rosewood floors. cattura20

Savannah also has an underwater room, where guests can watch and explore the beautiful underwater world in complete tranquility. No less elegant outdoor spaces cleverly divided four bridges in the forms with the maximum fine furnished all comfort to create stylish, comfortable environments. cattura21

The Savannah yacht through the combination of performance and luxury in 2016 managed to win many awards in the field of prestige. At ShowBoats Design Awards 2016, Savannah has won no less than three major awards: for Exterior Design & Styling, Interior Design and Layout & Design Holistic. The Savannah yacht became Motor Yacht of the Year during the 2016 World Superyacht Awards, having already won its category for motoryacht shift from 1,300GT to 2,999GT. cattura2

In these events, they bring together leading companies in the construction of yachts to recognize the best yachts launched during the course of the year on the market. These awards recognize the ingenuity and innovation of the projects of the most beautiful in the world of luxury yachts. cattura4