Yacht of the most beautiful images.


In the following video you can admire the most beautiful and spectacular images of the most exclusive yachts now sail the sea. These are pictures of those who will take you in a world between dream and reality.

Built unique yacht, also to meet specific requirements of shipowners, where super technology and beauty, elegance and style blend perfectly with luxury and comfort. Images of great effect with boats with the most various forms, from the most traditional, to the most extravagant.

Large Companies that advertise and show off all the wealth of experience accumulated over the years in this area. Exclusive models who want to recreate staordinari environments and special atmospheres also on board. Boats where you can enjoy all the wonders of the sea.

Built full of great relaxation and fun, with cabins for the crew and master suite for guests and owners, with outside decks and pools also equipped with helipads, short stuff super rich, true and proper masterpieces of design and engineering .

No coincidence that these yachts at the end are the result of a team effort among the best designers and engineers to find a perfect balance of form and technology and beauty volumes, which results in essentiality and innovation, functionality and style.

In this video we will see a series of yacht somewhere between dream and reality. They cost from 200 to over 600 million euro. Belong to some of the richest people in the world using the most important shipyards but is the greatest is the smallest, always have something special designed to create a harmonious whole, both indoors and outside, always following a major source of inspiration the most extreme luxury.

Sheiks, sultans, princes, Russian tycoons have them and who else could afford these yachts equipped with every imaginable comfort.

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From this new yacht designed by Pininfarina and built by Fincantieri eighty-five meters long, to honor eighty-years of activity at Pininfarina, it shows all the assets accumulated over the years in this area by the two Italian companies.cattura851
Technology that integrates perfectly with the beauty. Eighty-five is now the Top of the Yacht that sail the sea. 15 meters wide and 2.460 tons gross tonnage was achieved with five bridges to enjoy all the wonders of the sea with maximum comfort.
Fruit of the collaboration of two groups representing the world the pride of Italian industry, style, reliability and beauty in the construction of boats.cattura852
John Romano, Director of Fincantieri Yachts, at the launch in Monte Carlo this megayacht said: “We have worked hard to establish ourselves in the market, thanks to the quality of the yachts made to date, unanimously recognized as a top of the range, and the development of new products which can be met with the same high quality, even the desires of requiring drives less than 100 meters. To this end we have worked with the best designers to create unique products in terms of technology, aesthetic taste and lifestyle potential on board, but flexible enough to be adapted to the demands of our owners. “Eighty-five” is the result of an excellent harmony and teamwork demonstrated by our team and that of Pininfarina during the concept development “.ggt7kqscslsmtmtfexwp_ottantcinque-deck-1280x720
“A custom-built sea, in line with the natural vocation of Pininfarina to create exclusive projects that combine tradition with innovative solutions. So our design team envisioned a collaboration with Fincantieri Yachts “said Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “The result is a sculptural floating house with elegant surfaces and dynamic, where the bride-style function, aerodynamics, comfort on board, the ergonomics. And every detail is designed to harmonize with the boat’s aesthetic theme. “








Yacht “Vanitas” the beautiful sea


Vanitas style and sophistication that are perfectly integrated with technology make this very functional yacht with an absolute beauty, than ever choice of name was so appropriate. Developed by the Fincantieri team in collaboration with Andrea Vallicelli design is long 123 meters wide and 17.50 meters, equipped with 6 bridges and 13 guest cabins, has a top speed of 20 knots.



 Santana band that had its maximum consensus in the early seventies that accompanied the great musical talent Carlos Santana, guitarist, songwriter and arranger of all parts of the group. The songs in my opinion have made known to the world public the Santana were samba pa ti, oye como va and black magic woman. At that time the whole world was going crazy for the music of Santana. For at least two or three years following the Santana they have monopolized the attention of all music. It was the most requested music in the local and the outlet of the jukebox, really had an incredible success worldwide. All complex era that played in Night clubs had to adapt their equipment to Timpanists spreading his percussion and congas to play live the high demand of Santana music. All on the floor to dance to the frenetic pace of oye how it goes and all couples find themselves in a slow at the first notes of Samba pa ti. Carlos Santana with mastery has been able to use new technology at the beginning of the seventies began to be used in playing electric guitars such as the distortion and other special sound effects. A musical mix of technology skills opposed to the rhythm of Latin and African percussion allowed Carlos Santana, called the Guitar King, to produce really new songs and details that really please everyone young and old. Following the Santana they have been renewed with the change of musicians and went on to produce other songs but have not found the same favor of the early seventies. Although we must say that so far Carlos Santana remains one of the greatest guitarists of all time and regularly with his band, like all great, can produce an album of great success worldwide, yet the band of the seventies remains unique and unforgettable.


LaFerrari, intended to replace the Enzo Ferrari will be the first Super car produced by the car in Maranello that will use a hybrid system. LaFerrari is the most powerful Ferrari road Ferrari history. Super extraordinary car technology is the best design and manufacturing capabilities of the entire history of the Maranello.

The name LaFerrari well, everything else could not be attacked .because this fireball if not a Ferrari. Another name would not have better summarized his nature. It is a super car on the road which was transferred much of the technology used today by the Maranello cars of Formula One. Ferrari is powered by the hybrid Hy-Kers. The V12 engine of 6262 cc aspirated, 800 hp, 9,250 rpm – this is a record for this capacity: 128 hp / liter – is coupled to two electric motors of 163 horses, for a total power of 963 horses. The pair is of more than 900 Nm. The two electric motors (produced by Magneti Marelli) delivering power in a different way: one of the wheels, the other auxiliary systems. The batteries weigh only 60 pounds and are recharged during braking and whenever the heat engine produces excess torque, for example when cornering. The power is impressive: acceleration from 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, 0-200 km / h in less than 7. The lap time in testing at Fiorano is less than 1’20 “, five seconds faster the Enzo and over 3/2 than the F12berlinetta. A curiosity in the time you tap the 100 hours with your honest utilitarian, laFerrari in those 15 seconds is already 300 times. than the Ferrari Enzo, LaFerrari halve emissions of CO2 emitting 330 grams per kilometer. Another curiosity, the price to well-informed voices say 1.4m euro in Italy and is only intended for 499 guests but the requests received to date, over 700.

The muzzle the style we had discovered through the teaser released from Maranello. Headlights taken from the 458 Italy and F12 Berlinetta; the single central support to the wing airfoil replica of Formula 1. Then, the novelty of an air vent in the center of the front cover, with the ordinary pattern V of Enzo. More in elitra keeper, hinged on the front and on the roof, to facilitate entry into the vehicle. To note the color bi-color, with the exposed carbon to the A-pillars and the roof. In short, the design has been, so to speak, sculpted in the wind tunnel, looking for minimum resistance and maximum downforce.
But the eye of the fan inevitably falls on the working of the goalkeeper. Carved out as never before, drawing a flow deflector to channel air to the engine compartment is the aerodynamics that dictates style.
Disappear vents overhang on the rear wheel arches, replaced by other flush with the body. At the rear is a hive of bulkheads, speaker channels and air vents from the bonnet. A detail – anticipated by the F12 Berlinetta – seals the close proximity to the F1: the light in the center of the speaker, borrowed from the single-seater.
Overall features are soft and sinuous quellli de LaFerrari. Even the mirrors to drop following a more harmonious when compared with the Enzo a decade ago. Materials research was as usual spasmodic, with four different processes and types of carbon fiber, worked in the same department from which comes the F138, the world of cars F1 2013

The numbers at a glance big

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET HY-KERS system Total power max-torque 963 hp max-total> 900 Nm motor thermal * – 800 hp @ 9000 rpm regime massimo- 9250 rpm Torque 700 Nm @ 6750 termico- engine rpm electric-motor power 120 kW (163 hp ) CO2 emissions ** – 330 g / km


Maximum speed over 350 km / h 0-100 km / h: <3 sec 0-200 km / h: <7 sec 0-300 km / h: 15 sec

Combustion engine

Type- V12, 65 ° Bore Corsa- 94 x 75.2 mm Displacement 6262 cm3 total- compression-ratio of 13.5: 1 Power specifically 128 hp / l

Dimensions and weight

Length-4702 mm -width 1992 mm height- 1116 mm 2650 mm Pace-Distribution of pesi- 41% front, 59% rear


F1 gearbox double clutch 7-speed


A wishbone front- Posteriori- Multilink

Tires (Pirelli PZero)

Front- 265/30 – 19 Posteriori- 345/30 – 20

Carbon ceramic brakes (Brembo)

Front- 398 x 223 x 36 mm Posteriori- 380 x 253 x 34 mm

Electronic controls

ESC stability control performance ABS / EBD, anti-lock braking system performance / distributor Electronic Brake EF1-Trac traction control system F1 hybrid integrated E-Diff 3, the third generation electronic differential SCM-E Frs, magnetorheological suspension control system with double solenoid (Al-Ni tube)