Donzi 43 ZR competitive performance

The 43 ZR is a 43-foot, 13-meter high performance engine hull built by Donzi Marine. Since 1964, with its numerous world-wide and national offshore championships, this company builds boats for those people who are mainly looking for competitive performance.

In particular, on 43 ZRs, all the developments and experience accumulated in the creation of the 38 ZR were transferred to Donzi’s winning offshore model with six national championships and four world championships.

A super fast hull that lifts on the water at a single speed, thus reducing the wet surface to the benefit of performance. The impressive speed that the boat can handle with balance and despite having the same geometric and surface characteristics of the competition, the manufacturer assures that there is no need to be a former racer to safely and comfortably drive this boat at maximum speed.

The latest version of the Donzi 43 ZR compared to the previous versions is characterized by a larger hull width to increase stability at high speeds and to ensure a better smooth running on the water.

Another novelty is that the windscreen is inserted into a slim fit to provide better airflow on its surfaces without compromising the hull fluid profile. Obviously, the 43 ZR was built by processes and research of the most technologically advanced materials and through an optimal gradation between resin and glass to ensure lightness and strength without any bending during racing.

The hull layout has been designed to foster performance without sacrificing space and comfort. There are numerous containers in the cockpit and are designed to offer maximum comfort both to the pier and in navigation, or better to say in race, driver and guests.

The front seats are well-reinforced, fully padded to wrap and protect the lucky ones that will accommodate. There are also three passenger armchairs with customized footrests and all the technical necessities to ensure absolute safety in an offshore boat. In addition, to ensure greater safety in travel, all seats are equipped with special heavy duty handles designed by Donzi.

The driving position follows the automotive style with commands arranged so that they are easily accessible and with easy control of all on-board systems, even at high speeds in offshore conditions.

Under deck, there is a compact sink and fridge, with a shower and toilet, two facing sofas that join V on the bow and two doors that illuminate and air the entire cabin.

For the 43 ZR propulsion you can choose from a wide range of options. One of these is the one with two Mercury Racing 1075 Sci Engines of 1,075 hp each.

The 1075 Sci is a high-performance V8 engine controlled by a microprocessor, is the world’s most advanced and the latest innovation in Mercury Racing, which together with its parent company, Mercury Marine, is the first marine engine manufacturer with ISO 9,001 certification : 2000.

The 1075 Sci has a pair of Lysholm double screw battery chargers with multi-fuel fuel injection (two injectors per cylinder). This combination offers turn-key nautical sports, high quality gear and quality even at a mini- mum engine speed of 800 rpm. making the attack to the moles much easier with less chance of stopping and other low speed bikes. which you normally have with powerful engines.

You can also drive through two Mercury Racing in-board engines from 700 hp Sci for a total power of 1400 cv. The famous 700 Sci offers great performance throughout the engine operating range. You can also opt for other solutions like that with the three engines.

This combination of hull and engines makes the 43 ZR, a truly sought after boat. In addition, the 43 ZR is equipped with a motor silencer that delivers a sound with a low but decibel tone.

Close with some widespread indication of speed for a motorized solution chosen with three engines: Around 3,500 rpm. the 43 ZR reaches a speed of 61 mph, (miles per hour) pushing a little more at 5,350 rpm. you get to touch always with great visibility and with the race totally dry the 97 mph of about 84 knots.

The sales price is around $ 420,000, and it also depends on the choice of engine that, considering the features, the quality and the performance, does not even look so expensive for anyone looking for an offshore boat.

LFT Length overall: 13.06 m; Width: 2.69 m; Draft min: 0.76 m; max .: 0.97 m
Cabin height: 1.52 m; Net weight: 5,669 kg

Hull: Material FiberglassFiberglass

Engines: 2 x Mercruiser 1,075 HP;

Engine 1:
Engine Brand: MERCRUISER
Engine Type: In-board-EB
Engine / Fuel: Petrol
Location: Door
Engine Power: 700 HP
Engine 2:
Engine Brand: MERCRUISER
Engine Type: In-board-EB
Engine / Fuel: Petrol
Location: Dritta
Engine Power: 700 HP

Total Power: 1,400 HP

Fresh water tank capacity: 37 Liters; Fuel Tanks Capacity: 1,189 Liters
Number of bathrooms:1; Indoor facilities: Air conditioning; Electric toilet; Fridge.

Electrical Equipment: Generator; Ground socket; Outside Equipment: Swimming ladder.

Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin fast to win.

Usually the shipowner who commissioned a sailboat asks for maximum comfort on cruising and speed for racing, but when this entrant addresses Mark Mills for the design of the hull and its water lines it mainly demands high performance in racing with only one goal to win. Mark Mills is a world renowned company specializing in the design of high performance boats for racing. That is why private shipowners who want to regatta successfully turn to him.

Just to satisfy this kind of expectation is making Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin. A new and important cruiser / 73-foot sail racer where naval architecture was designed by Mark Mills, interior design by Nauta Design. At this time he is under construction at the Maxi Dolphin yard in Erbusco (Brescia).

The new Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin Mark Mills issued the following statement: “We have developed the project in collaboration with Project Manager and Shipowner who believe in a design that is simple and lightweight. This vision, essential to obtaining the required performance, has led us to design an extremely elegant, almost waterproof blanket, absolutely clean and free, with references to all maneuvers running downwards to winches placed in the bow in front of the rudders, “says Mark Mills Made of carbon, the Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin will have a retractable keel:” This will make the most of the speed performance that can secure the “square-top” mainline, “Mills finishes.

As for the other project interpreters, we have the Nauta Design study among the most important in the world, initially designing only sailboats as well as luxurious motor yachts, while the Maxi Dolphin yacht at Erbusco is known for the use of technologies more advanced, applied to boats.

Therefore, the shipowner has turned to world-leading players in the design and construction of this new boat that will surely satisfy all his expectations effectively.

  From the first rendered differs it is noted that the new Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin will be lightweight fast and easy to drive. The interiors will have a new classical style style consisting of a spacious lounge accessible easily through a cleverly disengaged staircase that includes a living area with 8 people table and a lounge with large sofa.

All surfaces are decorated with white panels in the upper parts while the lower ones are scratched oak to make all the beautiful, clean and comfortable environments. Immediately  following the bow towards the bow develops mainly the sleeping area on the left we find a first guest cabin with two separate beds that on occasion I can join to become a double bed with the possibility of inserting another cot. The most forward-looking area is reserved for the owner’s suite, which features a large double bed with a cabin connected to a spacious bathroom, with double sink and separate walk-in shower. Finally, at the stern, in front of the engine room, is the third guest cabin with a double bed.

All guest cabins have their own facilities. On the stern of the central salon we find the kitchen and just after the cabin of the crew with overlapping beds. On the Mills 73 there is room for a comfortable and functional garage for a tender of 3.27 mt. Incorporating this sailboat has been designed to ensure high racing performance while at the same time ensuring maximum cruising comfort.

Main technical characteristics

Length overall: 22.86 mt;

Length at Floating: 22.00 mt;

Maximum Width: 6.10 mt; Displacement: 26, 00 ton;

Daft with Lifting Keel 2.8 / 4.8 mt;

Carbon Construction – Core Cell – Vacuum Epoxy with baking in the oven

Project: Mills Design Ltd Mark Mills;

Interior Design: Nauta Design;

Plant design: Maxi Dolphin;

Construction: Maxi Dolphin.

New Jolly Prince 38 cc safe and fast tender

We immediately say that the New Jolly Prince 38 cc is a high performance tender with high safety standards.

The hull is 11.30 meters long and 3.80 meters wide, slim with sporty style and like all Prince racing boats, it is built with multiaxial fabrics that provide high impact resistance to impact while the outer layers are laminated with vinyl ester resin which provide good resistance to corrosion and water absorption.


The boat is very stable with a very pronounced V hull to ensure perfect navigation and no rolling effect due to huge tubulars that stabilize the entire boat.

The hull cover is characterized by two living areas, one on the bow and the other on the stern, easily convertible into two sunbathing areas.

On the bow next to the V-shaped sofas, there is another very comfortable chair sitting in the same direction of navigation as it is to be caressed by the sea breeze.

Stern living features a retractable table operated by an electro-hydraulic system surrounded by complete backrest sofas that delimit the cockpit making the entire safe area sailing even with the presence on board of children.

Moreover, the entire area can be repaired by a parasol awning. In the blanket there is also place for a kitchen cabinet to prepare for eating with fires or plate with fridge and sink.

The control console has a large control panel in which the most refined engine and fuel control systems can be loaded. On request, the control console can be covered with a light t-top. In the under deck cabin there are two sofas that with an additional padded floor can be turned into a comfortable queen bed useful for overnight stays during longer hikes. The cabin is ventilated by two opening doors and there is also a marine toilet.

The open area of ​​the inflatable has a huge space and is approved for boarding 18 people. Only the inflatable boat costs about 115,000 euros without tax then you have to buy the engines.

The tender  can be powered by two Verado Mercury Marine engines of 400 hp each or with the lighter version, say, with two Verado Mercury Marine engines of 300 hp each but no other solutions are always excluded with a maximum overall power of 800 hp. With this second version, the top speed runs around 45 knots and the tender starts to plan at 11 knots at 2,200 rpm. Another peculiarity is that the engines are installed through the right support on the extreme aft mirror to use the same hull when it comes to the sterndrive version. With this solution the noise of the engines at the pilot station is very low.

With a speed of navigation to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, you need to adjust trim through the trim, this tender  has the option of inserting the trim automatically so that the speed is fixed, the boat trim is adjusted automatically .

To finish some consumer considerations with a cruising speed of 20 knots, they consume about 20 liters per hour for each engine. Obviously, if you want to navigate at a higher speed, consumption tends to rise.

Main technical characteristics

Lenght overall 11,30 m; Beam 3.80 m

Dry displacement 3,2 t; Tubes diameter 69 cm

Fuel capacity 700 lt; Egin (max) 2×400 hp

Persons on Board 18 ; Boat design categoryCE  B


Yacht Invictus 370GT a nice handsome elegance

With the realization of the Italian Invictus Invictus 370 Yacht brand wants to expand the GT series range of boats in order to consolidate its position on the market after the huge international success of the realization of a series of small and medium sized boats appreciated for the beauty, comfort and performance.

The main feature of these vessels is that they have of the hull with the bow “semi-down” so called because the upper part is presented upside down with respect to the traditional forms.

Invictus 370GT has a length of 11.40 meters and has all the credentials to confirm the success of previous boats. The bold shape of its bow semirovesciata its side profile with large windows makes it distinguished from others because of its distinctive look.

In truth, although the Invictus label is newly established these boats characterized by a special design, we have been realized thanks to the collaboration with the famous Christian Grande DesignWorks studio, which has a long experience in their design of these types of vessels and measures where reliability, flexibility, aesthetic care and performance are the typical constraints to satisfy.



Invictus 370GT comes with a long submersible stern bridge. The bow is made of quality fabric is surrounded by a railing to sunbathe safely even at sea. All surfaces in indoor as well as fiberglass and steel are enriched through the use of luxurious and high leather that make it unique in its details.

The boat has the semblance of a motorboat but it is a real yacht, where you can go on vacation and surfing charge on board for several days. The driving position has a cabin with three ergometer armchairs with side shields.

The cockpit is asymmetrical with a sofa for six people with a folding table. Tilting the back of the sofa aft develops another sunbathing area with no guardrail therefore not advisable to be used in navigation. In the cockpit there is also space for a mobile fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

Below deck there is room to accommodate a family of four or five elements. The bow area can be set up in two configurations, for example with double cabin closet and refrigerator or a couch with a table, wet bar and a television. Either both the choice to create an elegant and comfortable environment.

Under the cockpit there are two other separate beds with the possibility of being able to combine to be much more comfortable. All interiors are lit by large windows continuous present in the hull sides. By the boat’s color you can choose from four colors, like white, gray, vanilla and dark wood.

Also for the propulsion of the craft are provided various types of inboard engines: as two turbodiesel Volvo Penta D4 300 hp each, or two Mercruiser 4.2 V8 from 370 hp for a top speed of 43 knots. In the future probably it will be also provided for the engine with petrol versions. The decision to use these types of very powerful engines are not only was made based on the speed you want to achieve but sull’allestimento entire boat bearing in mind that the stern area is very heavy because of the presence of the dashboard and submersible hydraulic generators . Consumption, with a speed of 30 knots using approximately 120 liters / hour.

Key features of Invictus 370GT

Overall length 11,40 m; Width 3,50 m; Displacement 6.900 kg

Max engine. 2 × 370 hp; Fuel tank 1.900 l

Water tank 1,180 l; People carrying capacity 12

Designer Christian Grande; Cantieri Aschenez

Lamborghini Gallardo

2013_lamborghini_gallardo_lp_570_4_superleggera-wide (1)

The Lamborghini Gallardo production output in 2013 after producing more than 14.000 cars in versions Coupé and Spider replaced by Huracán model still is the best selling model of Sant’Agata Bolognese house where precisely are produced Lamborghini. The first version was launched on the international market in 2003 then there were other versions of both coupe and spider to improve already excellent car. Even for this car it was created the program on a personal basis, where each customer could give their input to build a Lamborghini in accordance with your taste and style. The latest model has been assembled a Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performing in Red Mars built on special order of a collector. As in the tradition Gallardo is a name of a race of a bull and the Bologna home of Lamborghini production it is also identified as the Home of the Bull. With the Gallardo the Home of the Bull , from 250 cars of high performance that on average produced each year, it has passed produce more than 2000 supercar the year with a remarkable leap. Lamborghini-Gallardo-LP-570-4-Superleggera-6

The particular characteristics of the Lamborghini is the style and lightness of the frame with outstanding aerodynamic characteristics. These are the strengths that the Gallardo model had the highest representation. In addition, a ten-cylinder naturally aspirated engine capable of running at very high speeds a new system and robotized e-gear sequential and brilliant handling and safety characteristics guaranteed by the permanent all-wheel drive have completed the assembly of this unique supercar.


From 2003 to 2013 we are had different versions of the Gallardo Superleggera Gallardo as 100 pounds lighter than the standard version; Gallardo LP 560-4 with four-wheel drive; Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni This version brings the name of the most famous and important test of Sant’Agata house; Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera successor to the previous “Gallardo Superleggera”, represents an evolution of the LP 560-4. Thanks to the wide use of carbon fiber the weight dropped to 1340 kg, with a consequent increase in performance; this car, in fact, accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds, from 0 to 200 km / h in 10.2 seconds and has a maximum speed of 325 km / h.

Feel the engine as sings.

Lamborghini Aventador