Flying sailboat Felci 65 innovative aesthetics, technology and speed

Felci 65 sailing yacht is born from the needs expressed by an owner to create a unique yacht able to participate with great potential for high-altitude racing and at the same time to be perfect for comfortable and relaxing cruises.

“These are the inputs that led our new Felci 65 project,” says architect Felici, named Umberto Felci, a prominent name in the design of the “fast sails” that together with the now consolidated worldwide excellence in the construction of technologically advanced Persian yachts Marine they are about to create one of the most advanced sailboats in the world.

From the sleek design Felci 65 is an innovative fast high tech cruiser featuring Italy. In fact, it is the first time that Persico Marine is building a yacht designed entirely by an Italian. Two Italian excellences that have been found to make this yacht really special. The 20 meters long boat is the result of a compromise between resistance and stability of shapes for a certain displacement to 18.5 tonnes.

The hull is very fashioned to achieve the best performance,with lifting kell in stainless steel with the draft ranging from 2.75 to 4.4 meters.

The bridge is characterized by maximum ergonomics. The shaft is in high modulus carbon, along with almost all sail equipment. The interior is bright thanks to the low profile windows in the deck. To ensure maximum privacy on a cruise, when you do not compete, the cabin and guest cabin are separate from those reserved for the crew.


The owners of this boat issued the following statements: “We started off with a white sheet of paper, so we could really develop something special, which could bring technologically and aesthetically innovative elements to the cruiser racer “I am very excited about our new project,” says Marcello Persico, Persico Marine’s CEO, as the perfect DNA expression of Persico Marine. We have been working for several months with Felci to get the highest level of performance, along with the unmatched elegance and comfort on board. Years of yacht construction, this is the first boat we have built with an Italian designer and we are absolutely confident that our Italian collaboration has created a super-sexy sailing boat. Our goal is to blend the racing experience with the luxury elegance of the Yacht that’s what gives the Persico Marine team the greatest motivation. “

“Bring a light, fast, comfortable and elegant boat to life – this is the concept that drives us in our project. Combining these input functions is one of the things we do best. With the new Felci 65, I can confidently say that we have been able to create an exclusive yacht for lovers of competitive sailing yachts “says Felci Yacht Design Umberto Felci.

Loa: 20.0 mt
Lwl: 18.30 mt
B max: 5.20 mt
Dspl: 18.5 tons
Ballast: 6.2 tons
Lifting keel: 2.75 – 4.25 mt
Sailing Area Upwind: 243 sqm
Downwind sailing area: 517 sqm
Construction: Carbon – Epoxy / PVC-Sandwich
Interior layout: lounge, fireplace, Fwd cabin, VIP guest cabin, captain cabin, crew cabin, 4 bathrooms
Engine: Volvo D3 – 150 HP
Generator: Fisher Panda 8kw
Fuel Tanks: 700 lt
Water tanks: 840 lt
Water producer: 200 lt / h




Lexus Sport Yacht the sea supercar

Before talking about the Lexus Sport Yacht’s marine prototype presented by Toyota Motor Corporation Akio Toyoda on Lido Island in Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, Florida, we must first start introducing the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) is the name of a composite material, carbon fibers and thermosetting resins.

CFRP is a lighter aluminum material, stronger than iron and with greater elasticity compared to titanium, with high strain resistance and abrasion resistance and with minimal thermal expansion to the heat source. It is a technology already used in the structure of racing cars and supercar and in the realization of high performance aerospace structures in the construction of lightweight machinery for weights, bikes and skis. With the prototype under construction of the Lexus Sport Yacht using this material, Toyota aims at a nearly 1,000-kg weight reduction compared to a similar fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) yacht, a truly outstanding achievement.

From prestige cars to the high seas yachts, Lexus Toyota’s Japanese seem to be pointing to the conquest of new markets. This is a 12.7-meter long, 3.86-meter-high 6 to 8-seater boat with a top deck and a tightly-shrunk external hull around the internal structure built with CFRP. The hull is designed to reduce aerodynamic resistance and improve handling at the fastest speeds This prototype has many contacts with the automotive world, starting with the engines, two powerful engines hydraulic 5.0 V8 petrol-based, The 2UR-GSE unit of the Lexus RC F Coupe, GS F Sport Saloon and the new Grand Tourer LC 500. Each engine develops over 440 hp / 328 kW, carrying the yacht at a speed of 49 miles (43 knots)

The exemplar, presented in Miami Beach’s fully functional, shows the potential of a design of high-performance styling yachts to Eastern Carrier luxury cars. The prototype was made by the Toyota department that deals with nautical activities in collaboration with the US-based Marquis-Carver Yacht Group in Pulaski, Wisconsin. The boat is equipped with a control system on the control station that monitors all Board systems such as GPS, digital graphics, surface radar, underwater sonar, lighting systems and entertainment.

The captain’s chair is electrically adjustable, with folding armrests that may become strapuntini for guests The interior of the bow cabin is finished in leather with details of wood and glass that make the environment refined and comfortable. The boarding cabin has two fireplaces, sink and fridge, and downstairs there is a movable coffee table and a sofa for six people. Like the top Japanese range sedan, the hi-fi system features a digital amplifier from Mark Levinson, while the in-car Wi-Fi in-car Wi-Fi on-board audio system has been developed by an Italian company.

Main features

Length 12.7 m
Width 3.86 m
Useful load 8 people
Power 885 hp / 660 kW
Speed ​​max. 43 knots

The World is not Enough Fastest Yachts in the World


The yacht Millennium 140, later renamed The World is not Enough (for the passion they have for the owners of the James Bond movies where the world does not just refers to the title of the 19 films of the famous British agent 007 series filmed in 1999) it is still a luxury yacht fastest in the world thanks to 4 powerful engines combined with one another, can reach a speed of 70 knots. 12-yacht1

The two 18VP185 Paxman Diesel engines 5300 hp each and two turbine jet engines Lycoming TF40 4700 HP each able to generate a total power of 20.000 HP the-world-is-not-enough-aft-deck-dining-319x212

 Engineered by Millenium Superyach in 2004 on naval architect project Mulder Design with luxurious interiors designed by Evan K Marshall, The World is not Enough greatly stems from the desire of the two owners John Staluppi and John Rosatti that even then they wanted to build a yacht that beat all records in terms of performance without neglecting comfort and luxury. images-4

In particular John Staluppi obsessed with speed, he wanted the yacht under construction was absolutely the fastest in the world. download

To make this the fastest yacht in the world certainly it has helped the hull shape created by modifications of previous designs Mulder, an expert in the early 80s in the design of fast patrol boats. 112486070

This experience was ultimately crucial to build a ship, where weight, speed and stability are fundamental elements. cattura6

In particular, the hull hull was built in the shape of V in order to cut the water like a knife, even in difficult conditions, always ensuring the necessary stability with minimum noise levels and the absence of vibrazioni.World is not Enough seats up to 10 guests in 5 luxurious cabins to the main owner, equipped with two bathrooms, and a jacuzzi tub. Also on the boat certainly does not lack luxury and comfort and entertainment as jet skiing, diving center, surfing etc. .

Main technical features

Overall length: 42,40 m;

Beam: 8,25

Draft: 1,88

Shipyard: Millennium Superyacht

Year built: 2004

Naval architect: Mulder Design

Interior Designer: Evan K Marshall

Construction material: Aluminum

Guests: 10

Crew: 6

Engine: 20000 HP

Cruising speed: 45

Maximum speed: 70 knots

Fuel tank: 56781 l