Harmony and wellbeing


Now we can give our breath and inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply enter our journey of harmony and wellness. Lie down, close your eyes and assume a comfortable position.
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The relaxing sensual massage

Massage is one of the oldest techniques to help the health and beauty of the body, and it is still very effective.
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The massage actions

The massage promotes normal epidermis peeling, increases the excretion of sweat and sebaceous glands, produces locamente skin redness, elevated local temperature, increases the venous flow and especially the lymphatic flow, urges the cutaneous nerve endings, improves parts of individual cells by stimulating the metabolism and facilitating the elimination of waste products, it stimulates contraction of the muscle fibers by activating functionality and elasticity, exerts a sedative and tonic effect on the nervous system causing glare for a beneficial general action on all organic functions.