The Savannah yacht was built by the Dutch shipyard Feadship in Aalsmeer, while the project is a collaboration between De Voogt Naval Architects and CG Design. feadship_savannah

Completed in 2015, currently it represents one of the most exclusive yachts that ply the sea for performance and elegance. catturaacquario

The main feature of this yacht is that through the power of a single clean diesel engine that uses an eco-friendly mix, the ultimate fuel that allows you to save money and pollute less, you can generate both the required electrical energy that the propulsive thrust for the boat at low pollution and with a total saving of 30% fuel. engine

All this is done without neglecting the fact the performance yachts sailing with a cruising speed of 14 knots and a top speed of 17 knots. A truly innovative system that combines in a single diesel engine, three generators, batteries, and an advanced propulsion system of Azimuth propellers. cattura9

Savannah has a total length of 83,5metri and maximum width of 12,5 meters. The gross tonnage of 2.250 tons, while the draft is 3,95 meters. The material of the hull is made of steel, while the superstructure is made of aluminum. cattura12

Savannah can accommodate 12 guests in 6 bedrooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP cabin and four double cabins and can accommodate up to 24 crew members. The interiors are elegant and comfortable with dark rosewood floors. cattura20

Savannah also has an underwater room, where guests can watch and explore the beautiful underwater world in complete tranquility. No less elegant outdoor spaces cleverly divided four bridges in the forms with the maximum fine furnished all comfort to create stylish, comfortable environments. cattura21

The Savannah yacht through the combination of performance and luxury in 2016 managed to win many awards in the field of prestige. At ShowBoats Design Awards 2016, Savannah has won no less than three major awards: for Exterior Design & Styling, Interior Design and Layout & Design Holistic. The Savannah yacht became Motor Yacht of the Year during the 2016 World Superyacht Awards, having already won its category for motoryacht shift from 1,300GT to 2,999GT. cattura2

In these events, they bring together leading companies in the construction of yachts to recognize the best yachts launched during the course of the year on the market. These awards recognize the ingenuity and innovation of the projects of the most beautiful in the world of luxury yachts. cattura4




Yacht of the most beautiful images.


In the following video you can admire the most beautiful and spectacular images of the most exclusive yachts now sail the sea. These are pictures of those who will take you in a world between dream and reality.

Built unique yacht, also to meet specific requirements of shipowners, where super technology and beauty, elegance and style blend perfectly with luxury and comfort. Images of great effect with boats with the most various forms, from the most traditional, to the most extravagant.

Large Companies that advertise and show off all the wealth of experience accumulated over the years in this area. Exclusive models who want to recreate staordinari environments and special atmospheres also on board. Boats where you can enjoy all the wonders of the sea.

Built full of great relaxation and fun, with cabins for the crew and master suite for guests and owners, with outside decks and pools also equipped with helipads, short stuff super rich, true and proper masterpieces of design and engineering .

No coincidence that these yachts at the end are the result of a team effort among the best designers and engineers to find a perfect balance of form and technology and beauty volumes, which results in essentiality and innovation, functionality and style.

In this video we will see a series of yacht somewhere between dream and reality. They cost from 200 to over 600 million euro. Belong to some of the richest people in the world using the most important shipyards but is the greatest is the smallest, always have something special designed to create a harmonious whole, both indoors and outside, always following a major source of inspiration the most extreme luxury.

Sheiks, sultans, princes, Russian tycoons have them and who else could afford these yachts equipped with every imaginable comfort.

Yacht of the most beautiful





ZAHRAA                           THE REFINED
ADASTRA                         L ‘HYPER
HYBRID                           THE ECOLOGICAL  

Yacht Chopi -Chopi 80 meters of elegance cost a million euro per meter boat named 2013 was built without exaggeration footprint of good taste in the style of Italian quality that made the yachts made Italy the world’s most famous. Built by the Ferretti Group, the boat features five bridges surrounded by voluminous interior made of wood and marble that make the rooms comfortable and cozy. It can accommodate up to thirty-one units manned with twelve guests. And ‘it powered by two Caterpillar engines and a top speed of sixteen knots.

KING OF THE SEAS THE FUTURISTIC C_4_articolo_2079098__ImageGallery__imageGalleryItem_5_image
The Yacht is huge extra luxury with 3,500 square meters of indoor space with eight bridges and 60 meters high with 36 seats beds. It comes with an aerodynamic shape with a futuristic design. The designer Igor Lobanov was inspired by imagining it as a floatable Hotel. Sovereign of the Seas has a top speed of 18 knots.


Zahraa THE REFINED zarraa
The Zahraa 30 meters of elegance made in Italy designed and built by Admiral Tecnomar. Is spread across a main lounge, bar area, kitchen, steering, owner’s suite, VIP cabins and two double cabins with a reception of 8 guests. While the bow is the accommodation of the crew up to six units. The Yacht is powered by two diesel engines from 1800 horses with a cruising speed of 20 knots with a maximum tip speed of up to 26 knots.

Zahraa-yacht - 4interni

ADASTRA L ‘hyper Catturaastra1
The super hyper yacht Adastra can be controlled remotely by an IPAD far as 50 meters. Designed by designer John Shuttleworth is 42.5 meters long and 16 meters wide weighs only 52 tons and cost $ 15 million. The technologically advanced vessel was commissioned by the Hong Kong billionaire Anto Marden. The hull of Adastra was built of carbon fiber and the lightness of the structure reduces fuel consumption.

Catturaastra2 Every hour burns only 90 liters of fuel with a speed of 13 knots increasing to 120 if traveling at 17 knots. Obviously the boat is built from ultra-luxury accommodation and is powered by a Caterpillar C18 engine and can reach a top speed of 22.5 knots


The ECO HYBRID Columbus 2
The Columbus 40S Hybrid made by yards Palumbo Group is 40 meters long yacht is a fabulous, luxurious and at the same time environmentally friendly. Designed to reduce the environmental impact is powered hybrid engines.

columbus When navigating up to a maximum of 7.5 knots the two heat engines are switched off and the speed is maintained only by the two electric motors. in this way the consumption of fuel are minimized with appreciable effects also on maintenance costs. The interior is exceptional in mainly light colors.

columbus interior