Bee Gees the uvula gold


The Bee Gees the King of pop music with 220 million albums sold worldwide. A group formed in Australia in the sixties has melted only definitively in 2012 with the death of Robin following the end of Maurice suddenly took place in early 2003. The band consists essentially of the Gibb brothers, Robin, Maurice and Barry have a extraordinary item and famous for their falsetto. They had the habit of composing almost all songs, which then are recognized very successful, focusing particularly on their talented vocal range, thus making their songs  unique, unmistakable and beautiful. The Bee Gees have composed the music really well made for melody and interpretation.Cattura20

The greater public acceptance is seen in the second half of the seventies when they composed the soundtrack of the film, Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney. The film was defined as the celebration of disco, dominant music in the seventies and where precisely the Bee Gees were the most representative of the genre. Among the pieces that made up the soundtrack of the film, it definitely shows the song Stayin ‘Alive. But also songs like “How Deep Is Your Love”, Night Fever, More Than a Woman, and others.Cattura21 Drawing up a ranking the Bee Gees piazzono is definitely among the top five most popular bands ever, alongside legends like Michael Jackson. Think their first televised step back in 1960 and thanks to their versatility of composition, as well as the simplicity and effectiveness of their melodies, they managed to keep a great success over several 50 years. In the eighties, the Bee Gees, devoted themselves to numerous collaborations with other artists. In 1980, Barry produced “Guilty”, the most famous of Barbra Streisand albums (with the big hit “Woman In Love”).
Other album composed and produced by the Gibb brothers were “Heartbreaker” Heartbreaker (1982), “Eyes That See In The Dark” by Kenny Rogers (1983) and, especially, “Eaten Alive” by Diana Ross (1985).



 Santana band that had its maximum consensus in the early seventies that accompanied the great musical talent Carlos Santana, guitarist, songwriter and arranger of all parts of the group. The songs in my opinion have made known to the world public the Santana were samba pa ti, oye como va and black magic woman. At that time the whole world was going crazy for the music of Santana. For at least two or three years following the Santana they have monopolized the attention of all music. It was the most requested music in the local and the outlet of the jukebox, really had an incredible success worldwide. All complex era that played in Night clubs had to adapt their equipment to Timpanists spreading his percussion and congas to play live the high demand of Santana music. All on the floor to dance to the frenetic pace of oye how it goes and all couples find themselves in a slow at the first notes of Samba pa ti. Carlos Santana with mastery has been able to use new technology at the beginning of the seventies began to be used in playing electric guitars such as the distortion and other special sound effects. A musical mix of technology skills opposed to the rhythm of Latin and African percussion allowed Carlos Santana, called the Guitar King, to produce really new songs and details that really please everyone young and old. Following the Santana they have been renewed with the change of musicians and went on to produce other songs but have not found the same favor of the early seventies. Although we must say that so far Carlos Santana remains one of the greatest guitarists of all time and regularly with his band, like all great, can produce an album of great success worldwide, yet the band of the seventies remains unique and unforgettable.

Deep Purple


Deep Purple a British group of the 70, who with their hard rock with a few chords, many sound effects has sold over 100 million records worldwide. They proposed a progressive amplified music at the highest level, in their famous crowded concerts all over the world were able to produce totally live all the musical special effects of the disks, which many believed at the beginning to reproduce only in the recording studio. Heavy metal pioneers the soul of this band was certainly Richard Hugh Blackmore Ritchie said the magic guitarist of special effects with fast musical scales and use of distortion is able to produce truly unique songs in the genre. Catturaplatea The other of the famous band were the great innovator organist Jon Lord, who used it as a tool the famous Hammond organ, Ian Gillan’s  by the powerful voice ,the drummer Ian Paice worker in the great concerts, considered one of the best drummers in the world and bassist Roger Glover who has greatly contributed to the development of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. This was the most famous historical formation also artistically, then there were other formations but none found the same favor of the aforementioned training. untitled2

Many are the hit songs of Deep Purple Made in Japan is a live album by Deep Purple, recorded in August 1972 and published in December 1972. Considered one of the best live albums of all time, is a gem of rock history but to my alert Black Night and Smoke on the Water were the songs that made discover this band to the general public not only to the fans of the genre, what is said niche. In fact, I recall that Black Night was also proposed in all local entertainment era for his unmistakable rhythm .Many training following have produced tracks of hard rock but still Deep Purple now remain in the hearts of all the fans of this music.