Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin fast to win.

Usually the shipowner who commissioned a sailboat asks for maximum comfort on cruising and speed for racing, but when this entrant addresses Mark Mills for the design of the hull and its water lines it mainly demands high performance in racing with only one goal to win. Mark Mills is a world renowned company specializing in the design of high performance boats for racing. That is why private shipowners who want to regatta successfully turn to him.

Just to satisfy this kind of expectation is making Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin. A new and important cruiser / 73-foot sail racer where naval architecture was designed by Mark Mills, interior design by Nauta Design. At this time he is under construction at the Maxi Dolphin yard in Erbusco (Brescia).

The new Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin Mark Mills issued the following statement: “We have developed the project in collaboration with Project Manager and Shipowner who believe in a design that is simple and lightweight. This vision, essential to obtaining the required performance, has led us to design an extremely elegant, almost waterproof blanket, absolutely clean and free, with references to all maneuvers running downwards to winches placed in the bow in front of the rudders, “says Mark Mills Made of carbon, the Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin will have a retractable keel:” This will make the most of the speed performance that can secure the “square-top” mainline, “Mills finishes.

As for the other project interpreters, we have the Nauta Design study among the most important in the world, initially designing only sailboats as well as luxurious motor yachts, while the Maxi Dolphin yacht at Erbusco is known for the use of technologies more advanced, applied to boats.

Therefore, the shipowner has turned to world-leading players in the design and construction of this new boat that will surely satisfy all his expectations effectively.

  From the first rendered differs it is noted that the new Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin will be lightweight fast and easy to drive. The interiors will have a new classical style style consisting of a spacious lounge accessible easily through a cleverly disengaged staircase that includes a living area with 8 people table and a lounge with large sofa.

All surfaces are decorated with white panels in the upper parts while the lower ones are scratched oak to make all the beautiful, clean and comfortable environments. Immediately  following the bow towards the bow develops mainly the sleeping area on the left we find a first guest cabin with two separate beds that on occasion I can join to become a double bed with the possibility of inserting another cot. The most forward-looking area is reserved for the owner’s suite, which features a large double bed with a cabin connected to a spacious bathroom, with double sink and separate walk-in shower. Finally, at the stern, in front of the engine room, is the third guest cabin with a double bed.

All guest cabins have their own facilities. On the stern of the central salon we find the kitchen and just after the cabin of the crew with overlapping beds. On the Mills 73 there is room for a comfortable and functional garage for a tender of 3.27 mt. Incorporating this sailboat has been designed to ensure high racing performance while at the same time ensuring maximum cruising comfort.

Main technical characteristics

Length overall: 22.86 mt;

Length at Floating: 22.00 mt;

Maximum Width: 6.10 mt; Displacement: 26, 00 ton;

Daft with Lifting Keel 2.8 / 4.8 mt;

Carbon Construction – Core Cell – Vacuum Epoxy with baking in the oven

Project: Mills Design Ltd Mark Mills;

Interior Design: Nauta Design;

Plant design: Maxi Dolphin;

Construction: Maxi Dolphin.

Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin veloce per vincere.

  Di solito l’armatore che commissione una barca a vela chiede il massimo comfort in crociera e velocità per le regate, ma quando quest’armatore si rivolge a Mark Mills per il disegno dello scafo e delle relative linee d’acqua chiede principalmente elevate prestazioni in regata con un solo scopo vincere.  Mark Mills nome di fama mondiale è specializzato nella progettazione di barche performanti per le regate. Ecco perché armatori privati che vogliono regatare con successo si rivolgono a lui. Continua a leggere “Mills 73 Maxi Dolphin veloce per vincere.”

Dubai yacht from the Arabian Nights


Dubai a dream yacht, if you have sometimes fantasized about buying a yacht, this satisfies your every fantasy, a super-luxury yacht in every port that comes offers a fascinating show. images-13

Currently Dubai is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum properties, the ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. images-3

The construction of this mega yacht was begun in 1996 by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei through a joint project between Blohm + Voss and Lürssen shipyard, was stopped until 2001, for lack of funds, the hull was later acquired by Platinum Yachts completed in 2006 and sold to a record at the time for $ 300 million to the current owner. dubai5-b-365x500

The project, previously called Platinum, Panhandle and Golden Star, was then renamed Dubai. When it was launched in 2006 this yacht was also the longest in the world, but now with its 162 meters is in third place after Azzam 180 meters and 165,5 meters Eclipse. images-5

In Dubai they immediately notice the fine lines that hide the size that made him famous in the world his English designer Andrew Winch, become important also in the design in the aeronautical field. images-10

The interiors, cared for by the staff of Platinum Yachts, are unparalleled. The seven bridges are connected by three elevators and a staircase. superyacht-dubai-4694-b-365x381

This very beautiful circular open staircase with glass steps that change color, it is the particularity of this yacht, connects all bridges with numerous suites, well-spaced on two areas, that of the owner of the VIPs and guests and one of the 88 crew members for a total of 115 units between guests and crew. dubai2

In the inner part, all built in the name of the glitz and extreme luxury with a careful choice of materials used, you will find rooms, dining areas and other environments. On the main deck there is a large living room with its red sofa fulcrum used to bring together all the guests and VIPs to socialize. superyacht-dubai-6528-b

While on the outside decks are located, sun terraces, swimming pools, hot tubs, and also a large swimming pool for water sports activities and spa, in short, there’s plenty to spend the day in complete relaxation and comfort. A special feature of this yacht is that many spaces on the bridges are closed so the guests can enjoy air conditioning to beat the heat of the United Arab Emirates countries. capture

Obviously not miss an area equipped for a large helicopter useful for transfers and two motorboats to reach the tourist destinations where there are no ports that allow the yacht port. Dubai has a condizionamene system fully redundant, ensuring air-conditioning without any problems anywhere in the world. The boat propulsion is provided by two MTU diesel engines to low levels of noise and vibration with a top speed of 26 knots. images3

The hull is made of steel, the aluminum superstructure and the maximum width is 22metri, draft of 9,26 meters cruising speed 25 knots, a cruising speed range is 8,500 nautical miles, the tank capacity 1.050 tons, the gross tonnage of 13.470 tons. cattura1v

Yacht of the most beautiful images.


In the following video you can admire the most beautiful and spectacular images of the most exclusive yachts now sail the sea. These are pictures of those who will take you in a world between dream and reality.

Built unique yacht, also to meet specific requirements of shipowners, where super technology and beauty, elegance and style blend perfectly with luxury and comfort. Images of great effect with boats with the most various forms, from the most traditional, to the most extravagant.

Large Companies that advertise and show off all the wealth of experience accumulated over the years in this area. Exclusive models who want to recreate staordinari environments and special atmospheres also on board. Boats where you can enjoy all the wonders of the sea.

Built full of great relaxation and fun, with cabins for the crew and master suite for guests and owners, with outside decks and pools also equipped with helipads, short stuff super rich, true and proper masterpieces of design and engineering .

No coincidence that these yachts at the end are the result of a team effort among the best designers and engineers to find a perfect balance of form and technology and beauty volumes, which results in essentiality and innovation, functionality and style.

In this video we will see a series of yacht somewhere between dream and reality. They cost from 200 to over 600 million euro. Belong to some of the richest people in the world using the most important shipyards but is the greatest is the smallest, always have something special designed to create a harmonious whole, both indoors and outside, always following a major source of inspiration the most extreme luxury.

Sheiks, sultans, princes, Russian tycoons have them and who else could afford these yachts equipped with every imaginable comfort.

Yacht of the most beautiful






From this new yacht designed by Pininfarina and built by Fincantieri eighty-five meters long, to honor eighty-years of activity at Pininfarina, it shows all the assets accumulated over the years in this area by the two Italian companies.cattura851
Technology that integrates perfectly with the beauty. Eighty-five is now the Top of the Yacht that sail the sea. 15 meters wide and 2.460 tons gross tonnage was achieved with five bridges to enjoy all the wonders of the sea with maximum comfort.
Fruit of the collaboration of two groups representing the world the pride of Italian industry, style, reliability and beauty in the construction of boats.cattura852
John Romano, Director of Fincantieri Yachts, at the launch in Monte Carlo this megayacht said: “We have worked hard to establish ourselves in the market, thanks to the quality of the yachts made to date, unanimously recognized as a top of the range, and the development of new products which can be met with the same high quality, even the desires of requiring drives less than 100 meters. To this end we have worked with the best designers to create unique products in terms of technology, aesthetic taste and lifestyle potential on board, but flexible enough to be adapted to the demands of our owners. “Eighty-five” is the result of an excellent harmony and teamwork demonstrated by our team and that of Pininfarina during the concept development “.ggt7kqscslsmtmtfexwp_ottantcinque-deck-1280x720
“A custom-built sea, in line with the natural vocation of Pininfarina to create exclusive projects that combine tradition with innovative solutions. So our design team envisioned a collaboration with Fincantieri Yachts “said Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “The result is a sculptural floating house with elegant surfaces and dynamic, where the bride-style function, aerodynamics, comfort on board, the ergonomics. And every detail is designed to harmonize with the boat’s aesthetic theme. “