Yacht Wallycento Tango continuous innovation

Wally is the brand created by its creator Luca Bassani who has developed a series of innovations in sailing yachts and very popular engines in the yachting world.

 The name originates from its first creation the sailboat Wallygator designed then together with a young Italian architect Luca Brenta for his father in 1991. This boat according to what was asserted by Bassani himself represents the mother of all the Wally. An 83-footer made of wood and carbon, the first in the world on a cruising boat, of any size, to have a carbon mast.

From there the Wally experience is born with the creation of modern boats that are clean and fresh, fast and easy to drive. Whoever approaches the boats Wally wants a very fast boat to have fun competing in sailing competitions and at the same time making comfortable cruises. Tango is a sailing yacht of the Wally brand that has these characteristics. Launched in the summer of 2017, it is a 30-meter boat, where there are many innovations with a lot of hardware on deck that helps with the boat. It was built at the important Italian shipyard Persico Marine that stands out for its advanced technology, applied to the construction of the hulls chosen as a builder for the Volvo Ocean Race, a sailing race around the world thanks to the experience gained having worked a lot for the oldest and most important sailing competition in the world, the America’s Cup. The project is by the Mills Design studio while the interior layout is signed by Pininfarina.

Luca Bassani in a recent interview with the journalist Antonio Vettese of The Boat Show a well-known channel dedicated to those who love boating, both sailing and motor present on You Tube describes the characteristics of this boat:

” Tango as a fourth Wallycento wants to be the evolution of everyone else. The design was born a bit from our idea that we had already developed on Esense 143 feet then on a 130 feet that is on a flash deck boat with the classic type boats thronged by tradition. However it remains the spirit of a very fast boat that can make beautiful cruises. The blanket is very similar to those boats we say, historically speaking, once so smooth and free, something very special is a sign of real boating. It resembles the great classic boats because it is a bit ‘this the goal at the bottom are the boats that have taught us to understand what is the beauty of a boat. Moreover, it is also very convenient because you can move the sails in the race and the crew maneuvers very easily on a free bridge. While on the cruise you then put yourself where you want to take a large table of chairs under the awning in the bow aft in the center and you put, wherever you want and you do not have to stay instead in that small and typical cockpit that the draftsman has drawn you once For all life”.

 In this interview, the concept that characterizes the Wally boats, ie   deck substituted by two or three zones, has been reiterated so that the guests and the owner can choose to share an area together, or at certain times of the day to spontaneously separate and occupy different areas to allow yourself a little privacy while continuing to live life on board, always in the open area, enjoying the wonders of the sea.Inevitably then the interview with Luca Bassani, creator, founder and president of Wally expands on an initial balance in all these years of activity and on what has given the Wally brand to the yards that produce  boats of large series in general. Below are just some steps that are considered the most indicative.

Luca Bassani “I would say that there is a very positive balance because all our customers have remained, very happy with our boats we have customers who have rebuilt two three up to four times the boats with us in different sizes. Then I would say that the whole world has appreciated the first few years a bit ‘difficult but it is always like that when the whole world is innovated, has appreciated what we did I believe that all the shipbuilding has taken a lot of massage Wally and I dare to say that they have also copied a lot for which the deck plans have been changed for example, they are much more comfortable for cruises that are normally done when once the boats were studied only for the famous perfect storm that then maybe one did not even take in his life. We talk about the boats of Stevens no that were studied, to be safe in case of storms, but on the cruise was done much more than going to take the storm. The exterior deck layout and interior layouts have changed a great deal the boats have become really more comfortable and faster at the same time. Many times you exaggerate you want to change just to draw a different sign. Pulling a different sign is not necessary, I have always said that first of all you have to start from the best functionality, comfort, better performance, better maneuverability and then design is a consequence of these new functions. But do not start from design. These are not paintings are working objects that have to work. “

Surely Tango incorporates these peculiarities represents a high performance yacht built with the most advanced technologies of the moment and being a Wally has an elegant yet functional minimalist style.


If a shipowner wants to make the yacht of his dreams where the needs are met and exceeded the first thing to do and identify the right design team. Another aspect to be taken into account in the construction of a level boat is the synergistic contribution of teamwork combined with a skilled and experienced workforce, which is why the choice of  shipyard is also fundamental. Continua a leggere “SAILING YACHT EVOLUTION 42 M THE HYBRID OF PERINI NAVI”



The whole yachting world is eagerly awaiting to know how the waves will cut the modern version of a 81-meter (266-foot) three-masted schooner currently under construction at Vollenhove, the Dutch shipyard of Royal Huisman. The project is called RH400 and has as its final objective to build the largest aluminum sailboat in the world. The exterior design of the yacht is signed by Dykstra Naval Architects and Mark Whiteley Design, while the interiors are designed by Mark Whiteley Design.

This particular sailing yacht is also the largest ever built by Royal Huisman in aluminum that has had to adapt the work areas of the yard to meet the needs of this impressive project. The schooner will be built in compliance with the LY3 ​​standards, a series of construction, maintenance and quality standards that the project must consider in the construction of the yacht.

Once built s i will also rank among the top 10 largest sailing yachts in the world. shipowners   he is Asian, and according to the construction site, “build my dream ” was his first invocation.

Delivery to the shipowner is scheduled for 2020. The project was presented for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016 and was designed according to the precise instructions of the owner or to create a unique fast and comfortable boat for long cruises around the world. A yacht that can be used both for recreational use of the family and for business meetings.

From the latest widespread communication it would seem that at present the shipyard has completed the planning and planning phase of the construction and a large part of the yacht engineering. In addition, work has also started on the aluminum frame of the main deck.

The hull will be able to accommodate 12 guests and 13 crew members on board and there is no information yet about the layout and layout of the cabins. What is known is that on the upper deck (flybridge) there is a platform with a large and panoramic sunbathing area equipped with comfortable sofas together with a complete command station covered to allow guests to enjoy the sun watching, for who is interested, all navigation maneuvers.

The cockpit on the main deck is sheltered by a superstructure with side glass panels. Below this superstructure to the bow in the later part develops the main salon reserved to the owner and his guests consisting of a bar area from a seating area with sofas and a living area with a dining table for 16 people.

This area has been designed in complete harmony with the other outdoor spaces and is easily accessible through a unique system of sliding doors. The bulkheads will be light wood and oak floors to create an elegant and comfortable contemporary environment to create a perfect atmosphere for socializing, entertaining and doing business.


Under deck aft is a huge garage to park all the means of entertainment on board such as water scooters, a large tender, equipment for diving and various tools for water sports. But the most pleasant one will almost certainly be a hydraulic platform to get on the central tree to enjoy a breathtaking view of all the places you will visit.

Dykstra Naval Architects , in charge of the externals together with Mark Whiteley Design, has issued the following declaration on the project that is being carried out:

“It might look like a modern modern sailboat now, but in 50 years it will be a classic”,

While Mark Whiteley, also responsible for the interiors, said he “has a classic and timeless profile with a clean and modern interior”. “It’s a yacht that will never go out of fashion”.

Finally, Thys Nikkels, of the architectural firm Dykstra Naval Architects who collaborated in the design of naval architecture added:

“The vertical arch, the long waterline, the thin hull and the large sail surface will give the yacht the speed and good performance required”.


We remember that the schooner that had a great popularity at the end of the nineteenth century was the most famous sailing boat among the owners and represented a large part of the medium and small tonnage navigation at the time of the sailing marina, moreover it is a schooner dated or still today is one of the most beautiful boats that sail our seas.

Therefore we just have to wait for the water tests of this schooner of our times.




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In recent years, the needs of superyacht owners have increased considerably due to the development of technologies applied to boats. Many existing shipyards have had to adapt, while the new ones have already started assuring high standards of technology both for the hulls and for the plant engineering.

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